Boat Lifts for Shallow Water

Shallow water boat lifts are made for a variety of boat types and have capacities ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 pounds. This type of boat lift can operate in three to four feet of water and is designed to keep all of its steel components out of the water to reduce corrosion and extend the life of the lift. In shallow water, these boat lifts are particularly useful for small boats and are easy to use. If you’re planning to purchase a new boat lift for your marina, here are some tips for your consideration:

Choose A Lift With The Highest Weight Capacity So That It Can Handle The Weight Of Your Vessel

A shallow water boat lift is an ideal option for boat owners who have docks that don’t have electricity. They can be operated manually or remotely with a remote control. The two motors typically used on these boat lifts are heavy duty, ensuring maximum durability. If your dock doesn’t have electricity, a floating boat lift may not be suitable for you. Additionally, you may not want to place the boat lift in an area that could potentially affect neighbor’s views.

Boat lifts for shallow water come in different styles. The style of lift you choose should depend on the type of water you plan to access with your boat and the beam of the vessel. Choose a lift with the highest weight capacity so that it can handle the weight of your vessel. Bottom-standing boat lifts are ideal for shallow water and are often used at fixed docks. Bottom-standing lifts are designed for three to ten feet of water.

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