Fire Watch Guards

When it comes to security guards, you cannot go wrong with Fire Watch Guards. This licensed, insured, and certified security guard agency is owned and operated by licensed law enforcement officers. Whether you require security for your home, office, or property, Fire Watch Guards has you covered. Their security guards undergo extensive training to make sure they are trained for every situation, including CPR/AED/First Aid. Not only that, but they are also 100% certified.

Ensure The Proper Documentation

During the training process, fire watch guards will carry a number of pieces of equipment, such as portable radios, horns, and flashlights. Some guards also carry a set of keys, allowing them to access high-risk areas of the building and save trapped victims. Fire watch guards may even work as a team, depending on the size of the building. This allows them to keep tabs on the entire property, not just the high-risk areas.

It is also important to note that fire watch guards are only needed if the fire alarm system is working properly. If it isn’t, you might have to replace it. Fire watches are also required by insurance policies. However, if you’re hiring a fire watch service for the first time, it’s important to confirm that they’re licensed. These professionals will be able to identify any potential fire hazards in the building, and make sure that the fire alarms are working correctly.

Apart from assisting with fire prevention, fire watch guards will also ensure the proper documentation of the activities they perform during the patrol. Fire watch guards keep routine logs and records of their activities. These logs can be reviewed by the owner or manager of the building. They will also need to provide the authorities and insurance carriers with documentation regarding fire incidents. They may also be needed for the construction phase of a building. And for construction sites, the fire watch guards will be invaluable in pre-installation of fire alarm systems.

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