The UK government has announced a series of measures to facilitate the growth and development in modular construction in the UK. These measures were published in consultation with sector stakeholders and experts in the modular construction industry to ensure that potential barriers to growth are identified. This is the first phase in the government plan to stimulate the growth in modular construction in the UK. The aim of the plan is to improve the quality of the modular construction industry throughout the country by removing regulatory and licensing road blocks and to boost voluntary industry participation. Useful website

The Advantages Of Modular Construction

The government will be hosting industry round tables to enhance information sharing, to facilitate on-site access to specification and cost data, and to facilitate communication between various stakeholders. Industry bodies will also be invited to contribute to this forum. First, discuss the uptake of modular construction in the UK and analyse the barriers to the growth as announced by the UK government, arrange the facts to demonstrate where regulatory hurdles are hindering progress and suggest ways to remove them. Second, host a round table for all interested parties to contribute to the dialogue on the regulatory hurdles to modular construction in the UK. Industry players and experts will gather to develop a set of strategies to remove regulatory barriers and increase access to key components at on-site fabrication facilities.

Thirdly, host a workshop for manufacturers of modular construction in the UK to come up with a strategy for promoting the use of off-site modular construction in the UK for both new homes and refurbishment of existing homes. Come up with an incentive programme to encourage manufacturers to use off-site modular construction in the UK for manufacturing purposes, where it is currently offered. Finally, host a seminar to bring together industry players and experts to share best practice guidelines for manufacturing homes in the UK. These seminars should include the leading practitioners of modular construction in the UK. This would provide an opportunity to compare different manufacturing processes, identify barriers and opportunities for improvement, develop a benchmarking system to track progress and foster discussions on best practice.

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